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Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Chimney Cap Design sells strong, dependable products that have been carefully designed to last and extensively tested for performance. We use the finest materials available that we know will stand up to the repetitive cycles of temperature extremes and weather conditions.

Chimney Cap Design have a lifetime warranty on our products that covers all manufacturing defects. To qualify  for warranty replacement, Chimney Cap Design shall be given the opportunity to examine the product prior to replacement.

This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the product plus shipping cost to the failure location. This warranty does not cover any labor cost for removal or replacement of the defective product. Chimney Cap Design shall not be responsible for defects, damage or failures, caused by unauthorized alterations, unreasonable use, accident or abuse, or chimney fire, including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance. You are responsible for proper maintenance and installation.

Consequently damages are excluded and no liability is assumed for defective installation or for materials not supplied by Chimney Cap Design. No other warranty, express or implied, of fitness, merchantability, or otherwise, is made.

This warranty may not be extended or modified by our agents or representatives.

Customer Service Support

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Our Premium Stainless Steel Caps are made of 100% type 304 Stainless steel for lifetime protection against rust and corrosion.



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